B1A4 Tried To Walk

B1A4 surprised their fans by releasing an intro teaser on their official website on the first day of this week. This intro teaser showed you only a view of meadow field with no more than sound of winds, and lack of any hints about the group upcoming concept. The thing they only gave us was the date of song released, and the title “Tried To Walk”. Following the intro teaser released, WM Entertainment, as their agency, announced through B1A4’s official site that members individual teasers will be out from 7 November leading up to the title song released on 12 November and continued by releasing the 3rd mini album on 13 November.

It brings excitement in the fandom considering the almost-five-months hiatus B1A4 took after their last Korean comeback with Baby Goodnight. Only couple of days before this teaser announcement was out, B1A4 released their first Japanese album titled “1” with five new original Japanese songs and got quite good responds.

The individual teasers from B1A4 will be dropped starting from tomorrow at noon with Jinyoung’s. Are you ready BANA ? 😉

check out the intro teaser below :

video credit to ASIANMUSIKpop5 @ Youtube


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