5 Seconds of Summer


Nowadays, everything is about boybands, and girlbands. Bunches of groups come out of nowhere and claim themselves as boybands and girlbands. Being in a group with couple of people, singing and dancing on stage together was like something others would like to stay as far as they could. But it seems not for now. So many boybands and girlbands out there that sometimes I feel sick about it already. Some of them are really good, but some of them are not. I found these boys accidently when I scrolled down Youtube pages, browsing One Direction fancams. Then their name came out instead. These guys could be a freshener for you who wanted to have something new for your ears. They’re called 5 Seconds of Summer.

554673_544064478979356_473663157_nPhoto credit to Harry Styles’ Instagram

Nope, they’re not a boyband. Nope, they’re not singing and dancing on stage. But they’re rocking those music instruments and playing their own music, ruling the stage. The band consists of four members, all boys (for girls, they’re all currently single 😉 ). Luke Hemmings on guitar and lead vocal, Calum Hood on bass and main vocal, Michael Clifford on guitar and vocal, last but not least Ashton Irwin on drums and vocal.  Coming from Sydney, 5SOS-the way this group’s name shortened- were just students that liked to do cover of popular songs and uploaded it on to Youtube. They also did write some of their songs and made some videos of it.  Apparently their popularity got One Direction interested. They were soon announced to be One Direction’s tour opening act in 2013.They rocked the concerts and successfully stole many girls’ hearts there.

BIkWOSxCMAERsXhFrom left to right: Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael

Despite their young ages, they make good music that soon will be stuck in your head in seconds. I’ll say their songs are super catchy. You gotta check some of their songs. Luke and Calum have unique voices that give you the need to hear them singing over and over again. Michael’s guitar playing and Ashton’s drums playing will make you dance along to the beat of their songs. They can make you fall in love with them deeper, when you watch them doing acoustic. Here is some of their videos.

Heartbreak Girl

Out of My Limit

Gotta Get Out

Year 3000 (cover) Original by Busted

The A Team (cover) Original by Ed Sheeran

All videos credit to hemmo1996 @ Youtube. It’s their official Youtube channel! you can visit the page to see more videos of them. All videos above only some out of all songs they have. There are more from them. I recommend “Beside You” for you who loves such sad song. No official video of the song, but its available on iTunes if you want to buy or take a peak of it. You can check their twitters, instagrams, keek or official website out to get updates directly from them and to get to know more about them!

Group: @5secsofsummer/ Off. site: 5SOS.com

Ashton: @Ashton5SOS/AshtonIrwin @ Insta

Michael: @Michael5SOS/Michaelgclifford  @ Insta

Calum: @Calum5SOS/Calumhood @ Insta

Luke: @Luke5SOS/Luke_is_a_penguin @Insta



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