1998-2012: The Memories

I will say, I had the best childhood ever. Nope, my dad didn’t buy me a huge Barbie house for my first birthday. Nope, my mom never gave me tons of cosmetics. But I had one thing that never fails to bring smile on my silly face everytime I recall it. It’s Westlife.


I still remember the day my dad gave me Westlife first CD. It was in 1998. Yes, I was still a 6 year old girl. Dad knew I had interest in music. My parents even had a tape of me singing my favorite songs. You know, those songs that included ducks, chickens, numbers, and colors in it. So, my dad wanted me to try listening to something new, about love. Or in this case singing about love. So he gave me a Westlife CD. He told me that they had good songs, voices and I would like them. Then I gave it a shot. Believe me, I was 6 years old, I had no idea what hot boys looked like. Shane, Nicky, Kian and Mark (and the ex Brian). Never thought Westlife were such sexy guys, though the CD had their faces on its cover.

So I gave it a shot, then tada I love it! Swear It Again, Flying Without Wings, If I Let You Go, and More Than Words were my very first English songs ever. Their songs were simply good. They got in right to your heart, and took it away without even bother to bring it back. What am I even saying here? lol

I don’t know what word to describe Westlife. Legends? Well maybe they were not as big as Michael Jackson. But admit it. They were big. I can say I haven’t found any boyband that just as good as them. I always adore the way they sing acapella. They might not do dance. But can you blame them? I mean, it’s not always about dancing right? I love a band because of their voices and songs and how they sing live perfectly on stage. This boyband lasts for 14 freaking years. The members of the bands are more like family than friends to each others. They had been together since teens and innocent ‘til they finally got married and had kids. I can’t imagine how hard it was to decide to finally end the journey.

My 14 years childhood had been filled by those beautiful songs of Westlife and I will always remember them. I even still have a Westlife playlist in my iPod. I’m not ashamed of it.


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