Vampire Academy The Movie PEOPLEEEEE


VAMPIRE ACADEMY TO BE A MOVIE I CAN’T BE ANY HAPPIER THAN THIS! okay. Calm down. Huu…. Okay so I found out couple months ago, that Vampire Academy to come to a cinema. They’re making this book to come to life…. You know what, I love this series A LOT. Heck I love this series way too much. Never been feeling like this over a book series since Harry Potter. And no. DON’T EVER COMPARE VAMPIRE ACADEMY TO TWILIGHT. JUST D.O.N.T. ugh I just hate it how people keep stuck in Twilight minded. Vampire is not always about Twilight okay? There are so many books about vampire out there. So many books that just really good and have great plot.

Anyway, I had posted about Vampire Academy in here. About the whole series, all books from book one to book six. I’m just this excited and can’t wait for the movie to release! Finally I can really see Rose Hathaway, Dimitri Belikov and Adrian Ivashkov. Who am I kidding, I’m so excited to see the whole characters I love the most to come to life and be in cinemas! MAAAAN these vampires will rock this earth like never before! They’re different, and way greater! There are many things in this series okay. Love, friendship, blood, fight, magic, even a castle. No no, don’t worry. You won’t find any vampire-werewolf fight in here. No werewolves, just vampires.


The moment I found out about the casts, I immediately said “this is it!”. Especially Zoey Deutch. She plays Rose Hathaway, my favorite girl ❤ she’s just a Rose that I always pictured. I only wish, she would pull it off to be a badass Rose Hathaway who kill so many Strigoi, and steal every boys’ hearts. I can’t wait for 2014. VAMPIRE ACADEMY THE MOVIE PEOPLEEEEE /dancing/


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