It’s Gonna Be Funnier Than The Hangover and Sadder Than The Titanic

One Direction - Best Song Ever_332624

I can’t help but to roll on the floor, laughing hard. One Direction’s new music video is the most genius idea people will ever come up with. One Direction released their new single music video, titled Best Song Ever on 22 July. I never expected this kind of plot for a music video. It’s simply creative and funny. There are 5 characters in this music video that are played by One Direction members. Or you can say it’s One Direction Don Alter Egos. It’s Marcel, the marketing guy, Jonny and Harvey, the studio Exec, Leeroy, the choreographer, and Veronica, the sexy assistant.

They act just the way they always are and quite funny. So the storyline is that One Direction have this meeting with Jonny and Harvey to talk about their upcoming movie, This is Us. Marcel is the marketing guy who gives them couple of idea for their costumes in the movie, which all got rejected by One Direction. Because all the costumes and styles are based on some other boybands. One Direction try to imply that they won’t copy any other groups’ styles and want to be themselves. So that the movie is called “This is Us”.

I’ll frankly say that I’m amazed by Harry’s acting in here as Marcel. He turns into this nerd yet hot guy. He plays the role really well. And Veronica which is played by Zayn. GOD. Zayn Malik turns into an attractive lady. I just can’t… and I cannot not say that I ship Harry and Veronica.

One Direction - Best Song Ever_167459and you were saying?

One Direction - Best Song Ever_357816Marcel, the marketing guy, ladies and gentlemen

One Direction - Best Song Ever_176677Veronica and Zayn. I can’t even…

One Direction beats Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber for One-Day Record on VEVO! They got the most views on Vevo in 24 hours with total 12,3M views! amazing. You can check Best Song Ever here:

credit to: OneDirectionVEVO

enjoy! 😉


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